FANUC Series 35 i -MODEL B Inclination compensation

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FANUC Series 35 i -MODEL B
Inclination compensation


FANUC Series 35 i -MODEL B

Spec. B-64523EN-1/02

This function is available in the following software.
・FANUC Series 35 i -MODEL B :series G601/G611 edition 21 or later

Inclination Compensation


By compensating for those errors in tools such as feed screws that depend on the position of the machine system in detection units,
machining precision can be improved and mechanical life can be prolonged. Compensation is performed along an approximate straight
line formed with a parameter-specified compensation point and a compensation amount related to it

Three approximate straight lines are formed with four parameter-specified compensation points and compensation amounts related to the
respective compensation points. Inclination compensation is carried out along these approximate straight lines at pitch error
compensation intervals. The inclination compensation amount is added to the pitch error compensation amount.
– Relation between pitch error compensation points and inclination compensation

图片[1]-FANUC Series 35 I -MODEL B Inclination Compensation - FANUC CNC-FANUC CNC

To perform inclination compensation, stored pitch error compensation must be set for the axis subject to compensation.
(1) Number of the most distant pitch error compensation point on the – side (parameter No.3621)
(2) Pitch error compensation point interval (parameter No. 3624)
(3) Number of the pitch error compensation point of the reference position (parameter No. 3620)
(4) Number of the most distant pitch error compensation point on the + side (parameter No. 3622)
In Fig. 1.3.8 (a), (1), (3) and (4) are 512, 602 and 767, respectively.
Inclination compensation parameters must be set.
a,b,c,d : Compensation point numbers. (parameters Nos. 5861 to 5864)
α,β,γ,δ : Compensation amounts at compensation points a, b, c, and d (parameters Nos. 5871 to 5874)
In Fig. 1.3.8 (a), a, b, c and d are 520, 600, 680, and 760, respectively.
Unlike stored pitch error compensation, whose amount is set up for an individual compensation point, an amount of inclination
compensation is calculated for individual compensation points by setting up four typical points and compensation amounts for them.
In above figure, the compensation amount at the individual compensation point is as follows
At compensation point l between compensation point a and point b:
α + (β-α) / (b-a) × (l-a)
At compensation point m between compensation point b and point c:
β + (γ-β) / (c-b) × (m-b)
At compensation point n between compensation point c and point d:
γ + (δ-γ) / (d-c) × (n-c)

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