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FANUC SP9006 Reason for alarm

An abnormality in the temperature sensor inside the spindle motor or a disconnection of the temperature sensor cable was detected.

FANUC SP9006 troubleshooting

1. Check the spindle motor model, confirm the spindle motor code, and check whether the spindle motor inherent parameter settings and spindle-related parameter settings are correct. You can refer to the spindle motor parameter manual B-65280CM for confirmation, or re-initialize the spindle motor parameters and then test. ;
2. Check whether the spindle motor feedback cable connection is normal, confirm whether the spindle motor temperature sensor connection cable is normal, and replace the spindle motor feedback cable for testing if necessary;
3. 4. Confirm whether the internal temperature sensor of the spindle motor is normal. Use a multimeter to measure the internal thermistor of the spindle to confirm whether the resistance value is normal. Under normal circumstances, the resistance value of the spindle motor thermistor is about 45KΩ and will change with the temperature. If If the thermistor is abnormal, replace the thermistor or spindle motor directly;/5. Check and confirm that the ambient temperature of the spindle motor is within the specification range. If the operating temperature of the spindle motor is outside the specified range (lower), this may also occur. Call the police;
Check whether the insulation of the spindle motor is good and whether cutting fluid has penetrated into the interior of the spindle motor. If cutting fluid penetrates into the interior of the spindle motor, it may cause a short circuit between the spindle temperature sensor and the motor coil. If cutting fluid penetrates, replace the spindle motor directly;
6. If no problem is found after following the above steps, directly replace the spindle amplifier.

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