FANUC SP9007 SSPA:07 Overspeed

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FANUC SP9007 Reason for alarm

It is detected that the spindle motor speed exceeds 115% of the maximum speed (parameter standard setting)

FANUC SP9007  troubleshooting

Check the spindle motor model, confirm the spindle motor code and check whether the spindle motor inherent parameters and spindle-related parameter settings are correct. You can refer to the spindle motor parameter manual B-65280CM for confirmation, or re-initialize the spindle motor parameters and test;
If this alarm occurs during spindle synchronization, please check and correct the ladder program (when the motor excitation (SFR, SRV) on one side is turned off and then on again during spindle synchronization, in order to eliminate the position error accumulated during this period, sometimes the spindle motor It will accelerate and an alarm will occur when it reaches the maximum speed);
Check whether the spindle motor power line phase sequence connection is correct;
Check whether the spindle motor detector is normal, and replace the spindle motor detector for testing if necessary;
If no problem is found after following the above steps, replace the spindle amplifier directly.

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