FANUC NC Guide/NC GuidePro software

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一、Introduction to NC GUIDE PRO software functions

FANUC NC GUIDE is a PC software by which you can learn how to operate CNC, check the machining program, and confirm the operation of customization features.


NC GUIDE PRO is the simulation software of the FANUC system. Through this software, the following functions can be realized to facilitate learning knowledge related to the FANUC system.

(1) CNC and MANUAL GUIDE I can be trained

(2) The processing program and processing cycle can be edited in EDIT mode

(3) Operation and automatic operation in MEM/MDI mode are possible.

(4) Processing simulation (physical simulation and prop trajectory description) can be performed

(5) The MDI unit can be displayed on the computer screen and directly operated with the mouse.

(6) Supports 8.4 10.4 color displays and standard ONG(M/T) MDI units.

(7) Various CNC data can be input and output to folders on the computer.

(8) PMC ladder program can be executed on PC.

(9) Ladder diagram debugging can be carried out in combination with CNC simulation function.

(10) Ladder diagrams can be edited and displayed in conjunction with FANUC LADDER III.

(11) Can simulate PMC axis control.

(12) Using the machine tool signal simulation function, the ladder diagram can be debugged in the environment of a nearby actual machine tool.

(13) Personalized software created using C language executor/macro executor can be executed.

(14) C language executor source code can be debugged.

二. NC GUIDE PRO software startup method

The software requires a dongle to start normally. It is recommended to purchase it from FANUC official website. The ones circulating on the Internet are all cracked and are for learning use only. As far as startup methods are concerned, there are three types:

1. Hardware dog copied by FANUC

2. Cracked authorized software dog

3. Virtual machine version

三. FANUC NC GUIDE PRO software is suitable for users

1) Electrical designers learn parameters, PMC simulation, secondary development simulation, focus simulation, macro simulation

2) Maintenance personnel learn parameters and PMC

3) Operate programmers to simulate machining programs, macro programs, etc., just like operating actual machine tools.


一、Reference article

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