FANUC SV5136 alarm maintenance summary

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FANUC SV5136 alarm:

Cause and treatment:
Compared with the number of controlled axes, the number of servo amplifiers recognized by FSSB is insufficient.

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1.FSSB setting screen
After this alarm occurs, the servo setting screen is displayed from the FSSB setting screen. Only servo amplifiers recognized by FSSB are displayed.
2. Optical cable or servo amplifier
The next stage optical cable connected to the last recognized servo amplifier may have failed. Or it could be that the amplifier to which this fiber optic cable is connected is malfunctioning. Check the amplifier’s power supply.
3. Servo amplifier power supply fails
This alarm is also triggered if the power supply of a servo amplifier fails. Such as the servo control power supply voltage drops or the positive 5 volts of the encoder cable is grounded, or the power supply fails due to other reasons.
4. Axis control card
The axis control card installed on the CNC side may be faulty.
5. Installation position of axis control card

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