FANUC system occasionally detects SV409 alarm

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cause of issue

An abnormal load was detected on the servo motor, Cs axis, or spindle positioning axis.

Check the load of the axis during movement;
Confirm whether the machine is stuck;
Confirm whether the servo parameter settings are normal, such as servo gain, maximum moving speed, acceleration and deceleration time constant, servo motor parameters, etc.;
If the servo motor fails, replace the servo motor;
The servo driver may be faulty. Replace the servo driver.


Case description:

0i-TC system, 409: X-axis torque alarm occurs occasionally during processing, and EMG alarm occurs at the same time. Appears about 1 to 2 times a day,

On-site observation and inquiry revealed that the workpiece was over-cut and squeezed when the fault occurred. After the over-cut, the above-mentioned alarm occurred and the machine stopped due to too much load. However, after recovery, processing continued and everything returned to normal.

Alarm explanation: 409 alarm: The servo motor has an abnormal load.



Fault analysis: 409 and EMG alarms are caused by the X-axis motor torque exceeding the limit value due to over-cutting of the workpiece. First, based on the analysis of phenomena and experience, there are several possibilities for this kind of failure:

The workpiece is not installed correctly.
Cutter compensation is not set correctly.
Misoperation during turning.
The clamping force of the hydraulic chuck is insufficient, or the three claws are unevenly stressed, and the resultant force application point deviates from the center of the chuck.
The hardness of individual workpieces is too high.
The cutterhead is incorrect.
Treatment result: After inspection, it was found that the center of the cutterhead was deviated due to the impact of the cutterhead. When the cutterhead moved 60 mm in the Z direction, there was a deviation of 40 microns. After adjusting to within 4 microns, the fault was completely eliminated.

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