FANUC SP9002 SSPA:02 Speed deviation is too large

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FANUC SP9002 Reason for alarm

The spindle motor speed detection value deviates far from the command speed.

FANUC SP9002  troubleshooting

If this alarm is displayed during motor acceleration
Confirm whether the acceleration and deceleration time constant of the spindle motor is reasonable, modify parameter 4082 to extend the acceleration and deceleration time, and then test;
Confirm whether the spindle motor speed detector parameter settings are reasonable and set according to the spindle motor parameter manual B-65280CM;
If this alarm is displayed during heavy cutting
Confirm whether the cutting load exceeds the maximum output power of the motor. Please confirm that the load meter shows modified usage conditions;
Regarding the spindle limit output parameter setting error, please confirm that the limit output parameters (4028, 4029) are consistent with the specifications of the machine tool and motor;
Check the spindle motor model, confirm the spindle motor code and check whether the inherent parameter settings of the spindle motor are incorrect. You can refer to the spindle motor parameter manual B-65280CM to confirm the inherent parameters of the motor, or re-initialize the spindle motor parameters and test;
If the spindle is rotating without load, this alarm is still displayed.
Check whether the motor power line connection is normal and confirm the continuity of the power line;
Check whether the motor coil is normal and confirm the continuity of the motor coil;
If the alarm still occurs after the above two checks, please replace the spindle amplifier for testing.

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