FANUC SP9011 SSPA:11 DC LINK overvoltage

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FANUC SP9011 Reason for alarm

The voltage of the DC section (DC bus section) of the main circuit has increased abnormally.

FANUC SP9011 troubleshooting

This alarm occurs when the spindle motor accelerates and decelerates (when the spindle motor rotates at high speed, its inertia is large, so when the motor power supply is cut off, the spindle regenerative braking function does not work, so that the spindle motor cannot stop immediately, but stalls. coasting stop occurs).
Check whether the common power supply module also generates an alarm (power supply module LED displays 7), confirm whether the input power supply voltage of the power supply module is stable and within the specified range. If the input power supply voltage and the power supply voltage change during motor deceleration are checked, if the input power supply voltage exceeds (200V series ) When AC253V, (400V series) AC530V, improve the power supply impedance (the voltage variation at maximum output power is less than 7%, then it is normal). If the total power supply voltage of the equipment fluctuates greatly, it is recommended to add a voltage regulator to control the stability of the total power supply voltage;
To confirm whether the common power supply (PS) module capacity meets the requirements (whether the required capacity is within the maximum output specification of the common power supply (PS)), you can confirm the power module capacity according to the FANUC selection manual. If the power module capacity is small, Then replace the power module that meets the requirements;
You can try to modify parameter P4672 for testing. If the test has no effect, check the motor model. Check the spindle motor parameter manual B-65280CM according to the motor model, check and confirm that the inherent parameters of the spindle motor are correct, or initialize the spindle motor parameters and test;
If the spindle does not start and an alarm occurs, directly replace the spindle amplifier. If the power module generates an alarm at the same time, directly replace the power module;
If the main circuit is abnormally cut off during normal use of the equipment and causes this alarm, investigate the cause of the abnormal interruption of the main circuit (such as electromagnetic contactor failure, etc.);

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